[tor-dev] [FWD: Re: Apple developer account + codesigning]

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 02:18:05 UTC 2015

On 27 Oct 2015, at 05:41, Conrad Kramer <ckrames1234 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> On Oct 26, 2015, at 11:22 AM, Spencer <spencerone at openmailbox.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Conrad Kramer:
>>> All resources in a bundle (e.g. an app or framework) are
>>> signed and the signatures are stored in a file named "CodeResources”:
>> Then what is in 'CodeSignature', Apple's signing stuff?
> The `_CodeSignature` folder currently only contains the `CodeResources` file.
> The `CodeResources` file is simple XML.
> The executables have their own signature in the `LC_CODE_SIGNATURE` load
> command in the Mach-O binary.

Reproducible builds will be much easier if the executable signatures are also placed in a separate file, rather than modifying the executable.

I'm guessing there's no option for detached executable signatures?


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