[tor-dev] Feedback on CollecTor web redesign

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Tue Oct 20 19:53:06 UTC 2015

> I agree with David. I like the change, especially the table (nice
> work!). Though a lot of the text is well into TL;DR territory. If the
> welcome message could be half the size that would help, and the
> formats have some redundancy. For instance, hidden service descriptors
> and bridge pool annotations have just one sub-header so they could be
> combined with their top level header.

Hmmm, now that I think about this some more I wonder if the two of us
should do some collaboration on this. Stem's descriptor page and
CollecTor both provide differing general information...

Stem - https://stem.torproject.org/tutorials/mirror_mirror_on_the_wall.html

  * What is a descriptor?
  * Where do descriptors come from?
  * Brief summary of the most important descriptor types
  * Library comparison we're working on

CollecTor - https://collector.torproject.org/index2.html

  * Detailed listing of all descriptor types
  * Reference users on where to get 'em

Perhaps we should combine parts of both for a "New to descriptors?
Lets give you a very simple, short description of them". Your table
would be perfect for that.

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