[tor-dev] Trac priorities and severities

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Wed Oct 14 12:13:36 UTC 2015

David Goulet <dgoulet at ev0ke.net> writes:

> On 07 Oct (11:56:32), David Goulet wrote:
>> Hello tor-dev!
>> While 028 bug triaging, we realized that we *really* need priorities to
>> not be a banana field deprive of useful meaning. If you are unaware or
>> don't remember, the priority field in a trac ticket can be:
>>     blocker critical major normal minor trivial
>> Those are "severities" *NOT* priorities. Now I propose the following:
>> 1) I take those above and copy them to the already existing but empty
>> severity field. They seem reasonable and we are used to them.
>> 2) Rename all priorities to something more meaninful:
>>     blocker --> Immediate
>>     criticial --> Very High
>>     major --> High
>>     normal --> Medium
>>     minor --> Low
>>     trivial --> Very Low
>> 3) World trac domination!
> Ok everyone! We are at "world trac domination" status. We now have a
> Severity field for which I used the same name from the old Priority
> field (since we all know semantically what they mean, I kept them).
> The priorities have been rename like above.
> Happy traccing!
> Cheers!
> David
> P.S
> For now, when you open a ticket, there are no default for both since
> there is a bug in trac that doesn't allow me to change it. I've pinged
> a sysadmin so hopefully will be resolved soon.

Thanks for the transitioning!

FWIW, it seems that the current default Priority for new tickets is
"Immediate" and the default Severity is "Blocker".  This might cause
people who don't know how trac works, submitting stressfull trac tickets.

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