[tor-dev] adding smartcard support to Tor

Razvan Dragomirescu razvan.dragomirescu at veri.fi
Tue Oct 13 20:08:48 UTC 2015


I am not sure if this has been discussed before or how hard it would be to
implement, but I'm looking for a way to integrate a smartcard with Tor -
essentially, I want to be able to host hidden service keys on the card. I'm
trying to bind the hidden service to a hardware component (the smartcard)
so that it can be securely hosted in a hostile environment as well as
impossible to clone/move without physical access to the smartcard.

I have Tor running on the USBArmory by InversePath (
http://inversepath.com/usbarmory.html ) and have a microSD form factor card
made by Swissbit (
) up and running on it. I am a JavaCard developer myself  and I have
developed embedded Linux firmwares before but I have never touched the Tor

Is there anyone that is willing to take on a side project doing this? Would
it be just a matter of configuring OpenSSL to use the card (I haven't tried
that yet)?

Thank you,

Razvan Dragomirescu
Chief Technology Officer
Cayenne Graphics SRL
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