[tor-dev] Trac priorities and severities

Hugo Maxwell Connery hmco at env.dtu.dk
Thu Oct 8 12:35:25 UTC 2015


Yes, renaming to a more meaningful thing is great.

Also, if only some group can grade entries, then it is 
wise to have an 'uncategorised' category which appears
in a grading list towards, but not at the bottom.

Field experience in these systems tells me that people
get annoyed at being auto-classified at the bottom.

I advise putting 'uncategorised' at 5 of 7 or something similar.

e.g Critical,  High Import, Import, Medium, Uncategorised, Small, Trivial.

This also helps to raise the visibility of Uncategorised items;
i.e Categorise them :)

Regards,  Hugo

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