[tor-dev] Trac priorities and severities

Griffin griffin at cryptolab.net
Wed Oct 7 16:36:30 UTC 2015

  This is a good proposal.  Some bugs are higher-priority and affect
lots of users, but are really quite trivial and don't affect user
security (such as CSS bugs).

  I'd add another trac change:
4) hide "milestone" field in query results, replace with "severity"

  That way, we can quickly see both severity and priority when looking
at large lists of bugs that we might want to patch.


David Goulet wrote:
> Hello tor-dev!
> While 028 bug triaging, we realized that we *really* need priorities to
> not be a banana field deprive of useful meaning. If you are unaware or
> don't remember, the priority field in a trac ticket can be:
>     blocker critical major normal minor trivial
> Those are "severities" *NOT* priorities. Now I propose the following:
> 1) I take those above and copy them to the already existing but empty
> severity field. They seem reasonable and we are used to them.
> 2) Rename all priorities to something more meaninful:
>     blocker --> Immediate
>     criticial --> Very High
>     major --> High
>     normal --> Medium
>     minor --> Low
>     trivial --> Very Low
> 3) World trac domination!
> This could get confusing for some tickets after that but at least we can
> transition towards using the Severity field from now on.
> Anyone object or think it's a bad bad idea?
> This is very little work for lots of benefits so I don't want to get
> into a massive reorg. or bike-shedding the naming convention. I would be
> open though to drop the "Very [High|Low]" field but that could make some
> tickets with less semantic.

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