[tor-dev] Just releasted : haskell-tor

Nik Kinkel nskinkel at iastate.edu
Thu Nov 19 13:22:53 UTC 2015

On 11/18/2015 10:18 PM, meejah wrote:
> grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> writes:
>> What other implementations of Tor (with links) are out there
>> besides mainline? I could wiki them.
> There's this, in "python + Scapy":
>    https://github.com/cea-sec/TorPylle
> ...and, based on the above, this:
>    https://github.com/pycepa/pycepa
> I haven't tried either of the above. I also recall a Python + Twisted
> one, too, but I can't find it now.

Python+Twisted: https://github.com/nskinkel/oppy

Although I'm pretty busy with school these days so, at the moment, it's
mostly unmaintained.


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