[tor-dev] W3C Payment Groups

Jeff Burdges burdges at gnunet.org
Mon Nov 16 21:06:32 UTC 2015

I've been talked into formally participating in the W3C Payment
Interest/Working Group as part of working on GNU Taler, well my
employer INRIA is a member.

Drop me a line if there is anything I can do/say/watch to help keep
that potential standard tor friendly.


p.s.  There are related groups on privacy and credentials that might be
of more interest to Tor Browser which I'm not involved in, btw.

p.s.2  Just fyi, Taler is a transaction system based on RSA blind
singing.  We haven't finished the demo for Taler yet, probably by 32c3
though.  Feel free to look at these if you want to know more : 
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