[tor-dev] . tor-roster's geo diversity badge, recommended version check broken, exit badge for guard family?

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sun Nov 15 17:51:26 UTC 2015


roster's recommended tor version check seems broken, example:


Runs Recommended Tor Version For All Relays: false

but all relays run - which is currently a 'recommended version'
as per

Why does that family has a exit bw badge if it doesn't provide any exit

Displaying guard probability would be nice.

>> Do you consider in-family diversity so important - even though all of
>> them are run by a single entity anyway?
>> How about having a badge for tor network wide diversity?
>> I'd consider the tor network's overall diversity far more important than
>> in-family diversity because clients won't use more than one relay of a
>> given family anyway.
> Entire-network diversity is obviously more important than within-operator diversity---no doubt 
> about that.   We are doing within-operator diversity simply because the it's easier to 
> measure/understand.  I agree that measuring a family's relay diversity with respect to the 
> entire Tor network is would be supplementary, maybe even strictly better. I am already logging 
> relevant data, namely the number of relays per country and total CW per country (as you 
> suggested previously). The former stastic could be used for badges like "First relay in country 
> X."
>> More than 4/5 of the family's CW is located in countries with a cw lower
>> than 2%* (currently means non-top 7 country) and ASes lower than 1.5%*
>> (currently means non-top 8 AS)?
>> That implies some degree of in-family diversity since a big family would
>> have to spread across multiple countries/ASes
> Although there have been some interesting discussions about which ASes to prioritize in putting 
> new relays, an actual concrete numerical measure is thus far an unsolved problem.  Virgil and I 
> have talked about using a new tool (http://labs.apnic.net/vizas/) to observe which ASes have 
> more interconnections and award bonus points to new relays on them.  When these measures become 
> better established definitely in favor of making badges for them 

How about keeping it simple? "All relays run in countries with a CW
fraction < 5%" ?

you could simply use compass output.

> (perhaps even replacing the 
> within-operator diversity badges?).

Yes, please.

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