[tor-dev] Proposal: Link Cryptographic Agility

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Sun Nov 15 12:57:16 UTC 2015


There's been talk of moving to a wide block construct for cell crypto
(#5460), and for adding PQ Forward Secrecy to traffic (#17272).  To
facilitate this, there needs to be a method for negotiating which
primitives a given relay supports.

To that end, here's the begining of a proposal (tentatively #260) that
adds a `CIPHERSUITES` cell to the version negotiation process which
allows relays to advertise the link cryptography primitives that they
are willing to accept.


 * Should the new cell be variable length?  Our development cycle and
   how often we switch handshakes/link crypto tells me "No", the
   existing "VERSIONS" cell format tells me "Yes".

 * We need to revise prop. 249 to add a cell crypto method specifier to

 * Proposal 249 does not cover changing RELAY_EARLY behavior, which
   will potentially cause problems (Eg: Ring-LWE + ntor will require
   between 5 to 9 fragments depending on the exact primitives).

 * The actual hybrid construct is deliberately left unspecified.

 * With runtime negotiation of primitives on a per-circuit basis, we
   introduce the possibility of downgrade attacks.  We do calculate
   the SHA256 digest of VERSIONS/CERTS/AUTH_CHALLENGE cells (which
   do something like:

     auth_input = verify | ID | B | Y | X | SLOG | PROTOID | "Server"

   Where SLOG is the digest without too much difficulty...

The alternative to all of this would be something like including
handshake methods/supported link crypto in the descriptors, but that
seems silly.


Yawning Angel
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