[tor-dev] Mail Address Translation Protocol Tor>Internet, Internet<Tor

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Fri Nov 6 14:01:32 UTC 2015

Enter/Exit OnionMail SMTP servers connect the Internet and Tor.
The addressed must be translated from hidden service address to Internet
address ad viceversa.

There are some way to do this:

MAT = Mail Address Translation:
localpart.hiddenservice.onion at internetServer.tld =
localpart at hiddenservice.onion

VMAT = Virtual Mail Address Translation:
localpart1 at internetServer.tld =
localpart2 at hiddenservice.onion
(With public Database)

SMAT = Scrambled Mail Address Translation:
base32encryptedWithHC256Address-HiddenServiceIdAndSalt.so at internetServer.tld
localpart at hiddenservice.onion
(With private hidden service salt and id; without database).

VCMAT = Virtual circuit VMAT.
localpart2.vc at internetServer.tld =
(firstHop.vc at server.onion) =
(secondHop.vc at server.onion) =
(nHop.vc at server.onion) =
localpart at hiddenservice.onion
(False connection).
(False connection).
Available from OnionMail2.

And others....

Valid characters of localpart: [a-zA-Z0-9\-\.\_]
The last part after the character dot "." declare the type of address.

*.onion = M.A.T. Address.
*.list = Mailing list.
*.news = Newsgroup.
*.op = SysOp reserved.
*.app = Applications / bot.
*.sys = OnionMail system.
*.so = Scrambled VMAT.
*.vc or *.iam = Virtual circuit VMAT.
*.o = VMAT 3 Reserved.
*.tor (or other word with 3 ot less characters) = Old only Tor address
protocol (Removed in OnionMail 1.8.1 Alpha).
*.a = Anonymous remailer address.
*.x = Reserved.
sysop = SysOp System administrator.
server = Server bot.

All others *.* are free for user as normal address local part.
Example: user.wxyz at hiddenservice.onion is a normal user's OnionMail address.
(The MAT address is: user.wxyz.hiddenservice.onion at internetSevewr.tld )

Some address functions may be encapsulated.
*.list.*.onion at internetServer.tld = A mailing list MAT address.
*.list at internetServer.tld = VMAT address of a mailing list.
VMAT Mail type must be the same of tor address type.

The special characters: +~ and others, except -_
Reserved for future use.

The special address: iam.onion
The meaning of this invalid hidden service address is "the otherside
Can be used to set the local addresses on the same server only for
special users like:
sysop at iam.onion, server at iam.onion

This address is used by TORM IAM request by the OnionMail server's
IAM/InterNos protocol.
for example if you send a request "TORM IAM iam.onion V2" you will
receive the server's manifest without reversed request.

All IP addresses are set to []

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