[tor-dev] OpenWrt cross compile build error in

Lars Boegild Thomsen lth at reclaim-your-privacy.com
Sun May 24 22:32:31 UTC 2015

On Sunday 24 May 2015 20:32:41 Ondrej Mikle wrote:
> There is also patchless way by adding "-std=gnu99" to CFLAGS (aside from C99 it
> enables GNU extensions needed for compiling against uClibc on OpenWrt).

Read my first message with this topic.  That was my very first attempt.  Unfortunately that resulted in a lot of new errors which I think was autoconf related mostly.  I have no idea why that happened.

> I think it's better approach since you won't need to patch every C99-style loop
> initializer in the future.

Would have been better if it worked I agree but obviously the best would be no patch needed at all as indeed has been the case up until the latest version.  I know the C99 stuff can be handled in autoconf.

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