[tor-dev] Listen to Tor

Michael Rogers michael at briarproject.org
Thu May 21 13:29:50 UTC 2015

On 17/05/15 06:17, Kenneth Freeman wrote:
> I recently had a brainstorm at Feast VI, a locally crowd sourced
> micro-grant catered dinner where ten artists each pitch their projects
> for ten or twelve minutes. The diners vote, and the winner takes home
> the gate; this time around it was approximately $1,300.
> http://www.feastboise.com/
> I edit Wikipedia a lot, and thus am delighted by the ambient music of
> Listen to Wikipedia.
> http://listen.hatnote.com/#en
> So, why not Listen to Tor? More specifically, to a Tor exit node?
> I'm a bit surprised that this music of anonymity (so to speak) hasn't,
> AFAIK, occurred to anyone else. I recall that Vidalia, long since
> deprecated, offered several options for exit node traffic...
> So if anyone wants to make aleatoric music from Tor, keep me informed...
> Feast VII is, I believe, in September. If you want to pitch generating
> art from Tor, that's one venue. And if the basic idea isn't technically
> or otherwise feasible, kick it around until it is!

Hi Kenneth,

What a cool idea! I played around with sonification of network traffic
once upon a time, using kismet, tcpdump and fluidsynth glued together
with a bit of perl. You can listen to the results here:


To avoid the privacy issues with monitoring exit node traffic, perhaps
you could run this on the client's LAN, producing two pieces of music,
one for unanonymised traffic and the other for the same traffic passed
through Tor? Then we'd know what privacy sounds like. :-)

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