[tor-dev] Tor + Apache Traffic Server w/ SOCKS - works now!

David Stainton dstainton415 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 16:20:02 UTC 2015

i don't see any benefit from running yet another c program on my
computer... why not run something like Yawning's or-ctl-filter between
your tor and tbb? at least it's written in a safer language and does
useful things like filter OR commands:


anyone who knows golang could easily write more socks servers and
clients; super easy!

also python would be an even better choice from the perspective of
language safety and their are a few socks (twisted) client and server
libraries you can use.

On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 1:47 PM, CJ Ess <zxcvbn4038 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I've been looking for a long time for something modern to sit between my
> browser and Tor -- something modern, capable, and efficient (i.e. doesn't
> fork every connection).
> Years ago Yahoo got some proxy software from an acquisition, a few years
> later they made it open source as Apache Traffic Server
> (http://trafficserver.apache.org/), and today its the backbone of Yahoo's
> infrastructure. They have a number of full time engineers that work on it
> full time, they use it in production, and they are implementing cutting edge
> features like IPv6, SPDY, and HTTP/2 support.
> SOCKS is was one of the legacy features of Apache Traffic Server. However,
> it hasn't been maintained. If you build from git right now you'll find SOCKS
> support completely broken at least four ways (a couple bad asserts, wrong
> byte order, and an uninitialized field). They took the documentation on the
> SOCKS feature out a while ago but never got around to removing the code.
> Since it was there I spent some time over the weekend and fixed it. There
> are still some issues around SOCKS still but it works well enough that you
> can surf though tor with it. If there is interest in it here I'd be happy to
> put together a how-to for Linux and MacOS to get it built and configured.
> I'd also like to encourage people to make some noise - Yahoo does have SOCKS
> servers internally but they don't test using Traffic Server with them
> because they don't think anyone uses the feature (and they are right, there
> is no way the code works for anyone in the present state). But if there was
> interest then maybe they'd keep the code fresh going forward.
> I'm including a copy of the patch with this e-mail just to get it out. You
> can pull their git repository (https://github.com/apache/trafficserver) and
> apply it to the master master branch.
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