[tor-dev] working back to socks_request_t

CJ Ess zxcvbn4038 at gmail.com
Sun May 3 06:50:46 UTC 2015

So I'm doing a bit of an experiment, the idea being that if you have a
group of tor users sharing common infrastructure then its a slightly
different situation then one lone user, and you wantto emphasize that
resources should not be shared, caching should be minimal and
non-persistent, you need to keep usage from standing out, etc. The problem
with my original idea is that everything that does HTTP <> SOCKS is one or
two decades old, and draws a lot of attention because it forks for every
connection or is some strange process that nobody has ever seen before.

So plan B is everyone involved runs their socks speaking browser on their
desktop/laptop, everyone runs a tor client on the same device as their
browser, we use the HTTPProxy/HTTPSProxy feature of the clients to navigate
the firewall, everyone uses their own credentials instead of having one ID
draw attention for high utilization, and the presence of
the Proxy-Authorization header takes care of any caching/session sharing
issues along the way.

To make that work, the one question I have for tor-dev is if its possible


To work back to the socks_req, so that I can pass through the username and
password to the upstream proxy instead of the one global username/password?
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