[tor-dev] onionoo resource requirements

l.m ter.one.leeboi at hush.com
Sat May 2 22:14:55 UTC 2015

Hi Luke,

>Django (and by implication, python) are an accepted technology
>at tor,  but as much as I wish it would be different, the tor web 
>infrastructure  is still based on python 2.7 (basically, you can 
>only depend on whatever  is in wheezy and wheezy-backports if 
>you want something to run on tor's  infrastructure). Of course if 
>you don't intend for your project to ever  replace tor's own onionoo
>deployment, that doesn't matter.

Thanks  for pointing that out. I think that won't be a big problem as
this  isn't intended to be a replacement. If it ends up being a
fruitful  experiment then it's a success. It's a success if it
demonstrates some improvement over the currently deployed design. If I
stay away from python3 then the main difference is the use of
postgresql+pgbouncer/pgpool. My instincts are telling me that python3
is needed for aiohttp to demonstrate that asynchronous io, lightweight
concurrency, and various 
database optimizations can yield improvements. If the results end up
meriting reproduction then virtual environments can be used for
testing without breaking existing infrastructure.

>PS:  I'm also going to take this opportunity to plug my onionoo 
>client  library that you can use to check that your onionoo clone
>performs to  spec ;-) https://github.com/duk3luk3/onion-py

I saw that. I'll definitely keep it in mind for comparison. Thanks

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