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> Hi!
> Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Cory Pruce, am an
> Information Technology - Information Security Master's student at
> Carnegie Mellon, and would like to get more involved in Tor! I have done
> a bit of programming in C and have a pretty substantial crypto
> background. I'm not in the Google summer of code but would really like
> to complete this project :D (see screenshot) Please let me know if
> anyone is currently working on this and if Nick, David, or anyone would
> like to give me some advice and be someone I can bounce ideas off of :-)
> Thanks and I hope to hear back soon!
> - Cory
> P.S. I have cloned the repo and have been looking through relay.* and
> cpuworker.* files. I just would like to speak with someone before I jump
> in :p

Hi Cory,

Multithreaded crypto is a *very* popular request on the tor-relays mailing list, as many relays have multiple cores, and significant network bandwidth. Tor limits the number of relays per IPv4 address to 2 to mitigate sybil attacks, so the best way for relay operators to increase their throughput is multithreaded crypto.

I'm not familiar with the specifics of tor's multithreading implementation, but please contact me if you need assistance setting up a local test network. I've made some recent changes to the chutney test tool which allow throughput to be measured. These changes work on Linux and OS X, but they're still under review, and the git branch isn't as organised as I would like.


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