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> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 19:37:07 -0300
> From: ilv <ilv at riseup.net>
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>> Is it possible to submit an app to the app stores (I am thinking Apple's restrictions, here) that would bootstrap a Tor Browser download over the Tor network?
>> For example:
>> 1. Download app
>> 2. The app has various CDN links (or a way of getting them) and a some predefined bridges
>> 3. The app tries the CDN links and bridges in order of reliability / expense
>> 4. If the links or bridges fail, the user gets advice on how to find new, uncensored links or bridges and input them.
>> 5. App downloads and verifies Tor Browser using the CDN or the Tor network
>> In most cases, the user experience would be one-click:
>> 1. Open the app
>> 2. See a recommended option highlighted out of a list of working options
>> 3. click download
>> 4. see a progress bar
>> 5. Get a verified Tor Browser
> Yes, the use experience that you mention is what we're looking for.
> About using the Tor network... I'm not sure about it. It's like using
> Tor to download Tor? Still, I'll write it down as an option.

People can use the Tor network to download Tor Browser, with the aid of a bootstrapping program. (Which can be much simpler than Tor Browser itself - see below.)

If people can't use the Tor network to download a file, then it's unlikely that Tor Browser will work for them.

My reasoning went something like this:
1. If we can put Tor Browser in an App Store, people won't need to use an app that downloads Tor Browser
2. If an App Store doesn't allow Tor Browser, then people need an app that will download Tor Browser
3. Perhaps the App Store will allow an app that can download Tor Browser over the Tor network (this could be as simple as tor, torify, and wget executables, and a GUI frontend)


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