[tor-dev] Proposal: Merging Hidden Service Directories and Introduction Points

A. Johnson aaron.m.johnson at nrl.navy.mil
Wed Jul 29 20:29:44 UTC 2015

> FWIW, I was running a simulation of this algorithm with the first week
> of July's consensuses when Isis posted the following way smarter
> algorithm:
>> A better algorithm would be a Consistent Hashring, modified to dynamically
>> allocate replications in proportion to fraction of total bandwidth weight. As
>> with a normal Consistent Hashring, replications determine the number times the
>> relay is uniformly inserted into the hashring.
> So I simulated this one also (with one exception: I didn't scale the
> number of replications by the total bandwidth…
> With Aaron's algorithm, the average hash ring
> location mapped to 9.96 distinct relays each day; with Isis'
> consistent hash ring approach, the average location mapped to 1.41
> distinct relays each day.

Excellent stuff, Isis and Nick! I agree that Isis’s algorithm is superior in that in reduces the number of times an onion service is forced to republish its descriptors because its directories have changed.

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