[tor-dev] Proposal: Merging Hidden Service Directories and Introduction Points

John Brooks john.brooks at dereferenced.net
Mon Jul 20 20:03:52 UTC 2015

A. Johnson <aaron.m.johnson at nrl.navy.mil> wrote:

>> This proposal doubles the default number of IPs and reduces the “cost"
>> of being an IP since the probability of being selected is no longer
>> bandwidth-weighted. Is this a fair tradeoff for the performance
>> improvement?
> That seems easy to fix. Make the number of Introduction Points the same as
> it was before and make them be selected in a bandwidth-weight way. There
> is no cost to this. You need IPs to be online, and so whatever number was
> used in the past will yield the same availability now. And
> bandwidth-weighting should actually improve both performance and security.

I think bandwidth weight isn't appropriate for this. If we think the cost of
running a HSDir(+IP) is too low, we should increase that directly. This is a
good case where we can benefit from the many honest-but-not-well-funded
relays. Concentrating even more traffic and information onto the
highest-bandwidth relays isn’t an improvement.

- John

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