[tor-dev] BOINC-based Tor wrapper

Serg std.serg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 15:30:16 UTC 2015

20.07.2015 16:17, Tom Ritter wrote:
> I've set up and run BOINC tasks before.  Unless something has fairly
> significantly changed, BOINC is really designed for discrete tasks.

BOINC is used for discrete problems in many projects, but it has no 
limitations to run long tasks. It can be run as a daemon and work 
BOINC - standardized platform for all projects that attract A volunteer 
computing resources. There are no other restrictions on the type of 
Please look at CERN's BOINC-Projects. They run a virtual machine with 
the Linux and BOINC is only used as a wrapper to controll working and 
view a progress.

Indeed, Tor relay does not need to BOINC technically, but BOINC provides 
hundreds of thousands of volunteers the opportunity to participate in 
the project
by a simpliest way.

Best regards, Sergey

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