[tor-dev] 4th status report for OnioNS

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Sun Jul 19 13:10:35 UTC 2015

> On 18 Jul 2015, at 06:24 , Jesse V <kernelcorn at riseup.net> wrote:
> * Fixed a show-stopping bug that prevented the Stem script from launching automatically with the Tor Browser. (George, this bug was why I had to launch Stem manually when I showed the software to you.) The error thrown for this bug was large and unhelpful, but the fix was amusingly simple: https://github.com/Jesse-V/OnioNS-client/commit/9e80691b02e2a843b26ac21b6b0b88daf6840667

A static analyser or runtime sanitiser would probably catch any similar issues.

Have you checked the codebase with a static analyser like coverity or clang's scan-build, or built and run it with a dynamic sanitizer like gcc/clang's Address Sanitizer?
(There are plenty of different options for analysers and sanitisers, just choose one.)

Also, as an aside: (how) are you ensuring portability to BSDs, OS X, and Windows?

There might not be any need to address these issues before the beta release. You could do the release, and hope any issues like this are discovered by your beta testers. (It's a common strategy, and useful if you're short of testing time or test platforms.)


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