[tor-dev] packaging advice needed

Tom van der Woerdt info at tvdw.eu
Sat Jul 11 09:31:22 UTC 2015

Magnus Hedemark schreef op 11/07/15 om 04:35:
> Hello,
> I have set up a Jenkins CI server and have it tracking the Tor project's
> git repository. I'm going to be building packages for the OmniOS
> platform, which is not yet supported. I tried searching the site for
> advice for packagers but haven't found any. If I've overlooked it, I'd
> appreciate a nudge in the right direction.
> More specifically, I'd like to better understand the release and patch
> workflow that is followed so that I can build the right commits at the
> right time. I'll have one job tracking the master branch for those who
> want to test potentially unstable software, but I have another job
> intended to promote "stable" packages.
> By the way, this is all a precursor to a set of articles showing how to
> create network-isolated hidden services inside of illumos zones. I think
> OmniOS has a lot of untapped potential to help hidden service operators.
> TIA,
> Magnus

Hi Magnus,

I think you want to be packaging the maint-0.2.6 branch as 'stable', and 
master as 'unstable'. Those are the branches that releases come from.


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