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Fri Jul 10 01:35:13 UTC 2015

> On 10 Jul 2015, at 09:47 , Cory Pruce <corypruce at gmail.com> wrote:
> Signed PGP part
> >
> > Well, you could test my latest branches for #14175:
> Hey Tim, I got the branch of chutney and tor and made sure that the
> commands you run in the comments of the issue exist. What do you think
> would be a good way to start testing? Begin with a static analysis of
> the code?

If you can read Python and shell script, then checking I haven't made any obvious coding errors in my changes would help. But that might require becoming familiar with the codebase - which may take some effort.

The diffs are here, or you can use git diff:

Also, I was only using Python 2, so I might have accidentally introduced some incompatibilities with Python 3.

> Verify that the bandwidth is correct?

Since it's the localhost, CPU-limited, massively-parallel bandwidth, there's no "correct" value.
I'm not even sure what sane values are, but we'll get an idea once people start competing for the biggest numbers.

> Let me know what you
> think is important/feasible.

Does it run?
When you make performance improvements, does the bandwidth increase?
(Or, far more easily: when you deliberately slow down the code, does the bandwidth tank?)


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