[tor-dev] Roster introduction (nusenu) (Sean Saito)

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Sun Jul 5 09:32:24 UTC 2015

Hi nusenu,

> A few comments:
> - - the page seems to be AS name centric
>  - first column of the table is AS name
>  - only clickable column in the table is AS name
> - - the AS column suggests that all relays in a family run in one AS only
> - - the family page of a specific family shows the AS name as title,
> this is a bit confusing as one might think that the page shows all
> families/relays in the selected AS after clicking an as name on the
> start page

Agreed, this was just a placeholder. Will put contact info instead for now. In the future I would like families to have ids/nicknames as well.

> Family identifier
> - - by looking at your page I assume your family identifier is the
> fingerprint of the oldest relay in the family, does that mean that an
> operator has to start over at 0 with collecting "points" once he kills
> his oldest relay?

That is not the case.

Thanks for the comments!

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