[tor-dev] Roster introduction (Philipp Winter) (Sean Saito)

saitosean at ymail.com saitosean at ymail.com
Sun Jul 5 09:21:38 UTC 2015

Hi Philipp,

> - I searched for my relay family by fingerprint and the resulting page's
>  URL didn't contain my family, so I couldn't send the URL to somebody
>  else.

Could you give me some more details about this? Currently the search bar supports all running relays.

The URL will contain the fingerprint you put into the search bar.

> - The colour coding for relay flags is hard to read because of the low
>  contrast.  Perhaps use green for assigned flags and grey for missing
>  flags?

> - I would put the exit policy in a fixed-size box.  Otherwise, there's a
>   lot of scrolling for large exit policies.

Certainly possible. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

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