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Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner hello at veloc1ty.de
Wed Jul 1 05:41:10 UTC 2015

Hello Griffin,

link [2] to github gives me a 404. Can you please check that?


Am 01.07.2015 um 06:42 schrieb Griffin Boyce:
> Hey all,
>   It seems like time to give the tor-dev list an update on Stormy's
> development.  Right now, the scripts are undergoing third-party
> testing to identify any obvious bugs before sending them to security
> auditors.  Testing should be finished imminently, any bugs found will
> be fixed this week, and then sent to auditors (along with the GUI). 
> The security audit may take about two to three weeks [1].
>   Currently, Stormy's functions include installing typical onion
> service dependencies (webserver+tor), setting up a Ghost-based content
> management system, creating a personal cloud server to handle
> files/rss feeds/calendars/tasks, installing an XMPP/jabber server for
> private communications, and installing an IRC server for group
> communications.
> Shortcomings and future work:
>   Like all software projects, Stormy has some shortcomings.  Users
> can't configure multiple onion services on the same machine as Stormy
> doesn't account for virtual hosts.  For users to run more than one
> onion service, they must be on separate physical or virtual machines. 
> Stormy also doesn't detect the currently-running clearnet service, so
> users who seek to make their existing service also an onion service
> may need to adjust their configuration manually.  Currently, Stormy
> lives on my github page [2], though once it passes a security audit,
> the goal is for it to live within Tor's git repositories.
> best,
> Griffin
> [1] Cupcake's audit took about two weeks, so that's really my only
> real data point for audit timing.
> [2] https://github.com/glamrock/stormy

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