[tor-dev] Have the Tor daemon use more cores

Jeremy jeremy at sturgix.com
Tue Dec 1 14:19:45 UTC 2015

I've been working on the volunteer project described here 
but can't spend much more time on it.

Right now, I have refactored circuit_receive_relay_cell() in relay.c 
(which calls relay_crypt() and eventually the AES crypt routines) to use 
the workqueue.c infrastructure similar to cpuworker.c.

When the refactored code runs in single threaded mode, all seems good.  
Once I activate the thread pool and start sending it work with 
threadpool_queue_work(), it Bootstraps 100% okay and runs for several 
minutes before crashing on cells it doesn't handle properly.

I'm happy to share my code with anyone interested.


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