[tor-dev] [Applications Team] Meeting next Tuesday 19:00 UTC

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Dec 1 02:51:08 UTC 2015

Georg Koppen:
> Hi,
> just a reminder that the applications team is having its monthly meeting
> next week on Tuesday, December 1 at 19:00 UTC in
> #tor-project on irc.oftc.net.
> There is no proposed topic for this meeting yet. Please come up with
> suggestions if you feel there is something we should discuss.

Other than discussing UX/usability issues ad-hoc (which I think should
be a recurring theme), I think one good thing to discuss is trying to
brainstorm a list of prototypes and Tor community projects that we may
want to feature on a "Tor Labs" prototype showcasing site.

Things like Ricochet, Pond, and OnionShare are obvious great choices,
but we should create a singular list of stuff we want to highlight,
perhaps on a pad.

Mike Perry
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