[tor-dev] Where are the GetTor downloads (e.g. GitHub)?

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Mon Aug 31 16:08:18 UTC 2015

Someone IRL asked me about mirrored downloads of Tor Browser on services
like GitHub. I know that such services are planned (or already
implemented?) for GetTor, and I know about these tickets:

	Integrate cloud services that are not blocked in mainland China

	Automate upload of latest Tor Browser to cloud services

	Script to upload Tor Browser to Github

My question is, is there a static URL on GitHub or similar that has the
latest downloads? That is, one that people can access even without
having used GetTor? Such a URL would be more useful than a typical
mirror for many users.

I was referred to Lantern's GitHub download page for comparison:
It has direct links to downloads under githubusercontent.com:

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