[tor-dev] Donncha's SoP Status Report 7 - Final

Donncha O'Cearbhaill donncha at donncha.is
Sun Aug 30 15:57:51 UTC 2015

Hello all,

This is my seventh, and final biweekly status report for my hidden
service scaling / load-balancing SoP project.

Since my last status report:

* I have been revising my patch for #14846 with the aim of getting it
merged before the 0.2.7 feature freeze.

* I've been working with Ivan Markin on getting smart cards supported
for signing in OnionBalance. Thank you Ivan for your code and enthusiasm.

Although the Summer of Privacy program is now over, I plan to continue
maintaining and developing this project into the future. My immediate
objectives are to:

* Package OnionBalance in Debian
* Clarifying the documentation (installation, use cases, storing master
hidden service keys on an isolated machine).
* Implementing smartcard / HSM support master service key storage and

Work on the Complex Mode is advancing but I am not yet satisfied with
the reliability of that mode. I will also further investigate any
potential attacks or risks with that mode.

Proposals #224 (next-gen hidden services) and #246 (merging hidden
service directories and introduction points) are still developing. I'll
continue developing OnionBalance so that if possible, it can facilitate
some form of load balancing and redundancy with next-gen hidden services.

I'd like to thank my mentors David Goulet and George Kadianakis for
their invaluable guidance and feedback during the Summer of Privacy.
Other members of the Tor community, in particular s7r, have been
exceptional helpful with testing OnionBalance and offering feedback from
a hidden service operator perspective.

Finally I'd like to thank all in the wider Tor community for the welcome
and support you have shown me over the past months. I hope that I can
continue making contributions to the Tor community into the future.


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