[tor-dev] Triaged some TorCoreTeam201508 tickets; please review

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Wed Aug 26 15:13:56 UTC 2015

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 10:35 AM, Nick Mathewson <nickm at torproject.org> wrote:
> Hi!
> I've moved all the TorCoreTeam201508 tickets to TorCoreTeam201509 or
> out entirely.  I've also moved some of them to the 0.2.8 milestone,
> and tentatively assigned the PostFreeze027 ticket to others.
> If I'm wrong about any of those, please feel free to fix 'em!
> Now I'm moving on to the 0.2.7 milestone as a whole.  In general, any
> ticket in 0.2.7 that isn't tagged with PostFreeze027 is not going to
> be a candidate for merge after 1 Sep, so please keep that in mind.
> (You can add the tag to your own tickets if you want, but please do so
> judiciously and in moderation.)

Now I've made it so that almost every ticket in the 0.2.7 milestone is
tagged with PostFreeze027 or TorCoreTeam201509 or both.

NOTE!  Just because something is in the 0.2.7 milestone, or tagged
with PostFreeze027 or TorCoreTeam201509, doesn't mean it will
necessarily happen in September and/or get merged into 0.2.7.

The milestone means more or less "We want this for 0.2.7."  But we
don't get everything we want in life.

The PostFreeze027 keyword means more or less "If a patch for this
comes in after 1 Sep, we can still look at it."  That's mostly for
stuff I expect to be very simple, have minimal risk of destabilizing
stuff, or for bugfixes that look important.

The TorCoreTeam201509 means more or less "There's somebody who we
think is probably working on this in September."

So, if you're looking for something to fix urgently, those are all
good places to look!

And if there's something I kicked into 0.2.8 that you think I
shouldn't have, please comment on the tracker to that effect.

best wishes to all,

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