[tor-dev] Hash Visualizations to Protect Against Onion Phishing

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Fri Aug 21 21:10:26 UTC 2015

On 20 August 2015 at 09:24, Jeff Burdges <burdges at gnunet.org> wrote:
> I first learned about key poems here :
> https://moderncrypto.org/mail-archive/messaging/2014/000125.html
> If one wanted a more language agnostic system, then one could use a
> sequence of icons, but that's probably larger than doing a handful of
> languages.

That led to the attempt to run a usability study on text
representations, which kind of fizzled out:

The visual systems that are implemented that I'm aware of are:
 - SSH art of course
 - Identicons: http://haacked.com/archive/2007/01/22/Identicons_as_Visual_Fingerprints.aspx/
 - Monsters: http://www.splitbrain.org/projects/monsterid
 - Wavatars: http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=1462
 - Unicorns (really):


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