[tor-dev] Alpha/Beta/Release cycle

tordev123 at Safe-mail.net tordev123 at Safe-mail.net
Fri Aug 14 09:05:03 UTC 2015

TBB 5.0 Bug 16771 which seems to be causing a lot of crashes was apparently introduced with commit 77dcb2dfde4bdc1a2f6c399a1173f65908dccd5c on 2015-07-02 (new request isolation feature). The first release including that commit was apparently TBB 5.0a4 announced 2015-08-03.

So there was only 1 week before the stable TBB 5 release and the commit got very little testing.

IMHO, it would make sense to make more alpha releases and/or increase the time before the stable release.

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