[tor-dev] Future Onion Addresses and Human Factors

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 23:10:40 UTC 2015

people wrote:
> And just where exactly and in what protocols and apps are
> going to build in that feedback popup... browsers? ssh? MUA? ping? skype?

> Vanity addresses encourage people to only verify the human-readable part

> That said, if an address is completely incapable, even hostile to validation by human eyeballs, then what happens is “trust” migrates

Humans give up on long strings of anything because it requires work
to validate. If not at first glance different, how many people here give
up, pipe to hash, and use the avalanche to compare.

Outside of better introduction, pinning, bookmarking, chaining,
namespaces and WOT, humans and strings are just intractable.

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