[tor-dev] onionoo resource requirements

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Apr 28 10:43:40 UTC 2015

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On 27/04/15 23:04, Tim Semeijn wrote:
> Hey Karsten,
> Good to hear more onionoo mirrors are welcome. The instructions
> are nicely detailed so I will be able to try set up onionoo most
> likely next weekend. I will provide you with feedback on the
> instructions.

Great!  Let me know how that goes.

> A feature with a list of fallback mirrors available for the main 
> onionoo instance sounds like something awesome but of course
> multiple mirrors have to be available.

Well, we already have two mirrors, and usually one of them works.  I
just created a ticket for this:


All the best,

> Best regards,
> On 25-4-2015 21:37, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> Hello Tim,
>> On 21/04/15 23:01, Tim Semeijn wrote:
>>> Improved documentation and process of setting up Onionoo would
>>> be welcomed by more people, including myself. Busy setting up 
>>> Compass and with Atlas and Globe mirrors active the cherry on
>>> the pie would be an own Onionoo instance (if needed also as
>>> backup for onionoo.torproject.org).
>>> At the moment having onionoo running at thecthulhu.com is a
>>> nice backup, I do not know if any more of such mirrors are 
>>> acceptable or preferable.
>> Having another mirror or two sure would not hurt.  I know that 
>> iwakeh was trying to set up a mirror, but I'm not sure whether 
>> they succeeded.  I have also been thinking about adding a
>> feature to Onionoo where we configure a list of fallback mirrors
>> that are returned in case of a server problem.  This would become
>> more relevant if we actually had such fallback mirrors in place.
>> So, yes, if you'd like to set up another Onionoo mirror, that
>> would be really cool!
>> I wrote down some instructions based on Onionoo's INSTALL file
>> but in more detail.  It's supposed to become the new INSTALL
>> file. Would you want to refine these instructions (or add more
>> questions) while trying to get an Onionoo mirror running?
>> https://pad.riseup.net/p/YG9eWPopYDJM
>> (If other people on this list would want to help make these 
>> instructions better, please feel free.)
>> Let me know if you're running into any problems.
>> All the best, Karsten 
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