[tor-dev] Summer of Privacy: Enhance GetTor

ilv ilv at riseup.net
Wed Apr 22 20:49:21 UTC 2015

Hi people,

My name is Israel Leiva. I'm a student of BSc. in Computer Science at
Universidad de Santiago de Chile. I'm also the maintainer of GetTor and
one of the students selected for Tor Summer of Privacy.

This summer I'll be working on GetTor, improving what I did in last
year's GSoC and adding new stuff. In short, I will:

   * Improve stats and debugging.
   * Deploy more providers: GDrive, GitHub.
   * Enable more distributions channels: XMPP, Twitter.
   * Create tests for GetTor.
   * New features, like send mirrors list and localized Tor Browser.

I started to work on most of this stuff in last year's GSoC, and I will
finish it during this TSoP. For more details, you can read my proposal
'Enhance GetTor' on [0]. My mentors will be Sukhbir and Nima.

I'm really happy to be working at the Tor Project again and I hope to do
my best. If you have comments or new ideas about [0], I'm all ears

[0] https://people.torproject.org/~ilv/sop_proposal_2015.html

Have a nice day!

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