[tor-dev] shipping with fallbackdir sources

Peter Palfrader weasel at torproject.org
Sat Apr 18 06:51:35 UTC 2015

On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:

> On 4/17/15, Ian Goldberg <iang at cs.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> > Remember that the purpose is to help first-time clients, who have never
> > used the Tor network before, fetch their very first consensus.  To do
> > that, they'll need addresses to contact bundled into the binary and/or
> > distro without being able to look at a consensus first.
> Of course - I'm merely suggesting that the file shipped is somehow a
> regular byproduct of the network rather than the result of a one off
> script run at an arbitrary time.

It currently looks at past behavior of nodes.  However, it still is the
case that when you and I run it at different times we'd get different

> However it is produced, I think it would be good to track each of
> these documents once they're shipped as well. I guess it could be done
> in git as part of the release process.

I was picturing the list be treated similar to the geoip database we
ship at tor.  Before release, it gets updated in git and then is part of
the source.

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