[tor-dev] Fwd: Orbot v15 RC3... now with x86/ATOM-power!

Daniel Martí mvdan at mvdan.cc
Mon Apr 13 18:05:33 UTC 2015

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 13:09:30 -0400, Nathan Freitas wrote:
> > > One interesting issue is that GoLang 1.4.1, which we are using to
> > > cross-compile the Meek and Obfs4 pluggable transports to Android, only
> > > supports targeting Android ARM for right now... I assume that will
> > > change soon, but if not, we may have to add Obfsclient back into Orbot
> > > for supporting x86 devices.
> > 
> > Hmm, maybe I should add obfs4 support to obfsclient.  I have code for
> > all of the crypto I would need to add.
> Let me reach out to the GoLang Android community and see what the
> blocker is... I was thinking the same thing though, it wouldn't be hard
> to still support Obfsclient, along with the Go-based PT's.

All I could find is this:


But there is no android/x86 in the current changelog for 1.5 (to be
released in ~july) so I don't know.

Possibly stupid question, but wouldn't a static linux/x86 binary work
just fine as long as you're executing it directly? As far as I know the
Android port is just for all the bindings involved in e.g. writing a
game in Go that does OpenGL calls back to Android.

For example, I found this bit in a blog post online:

> Copy myexectuable under your Android project’s ./libs/armeabi/ folder.
> If you’re targeting one of the rare x86 Android devices, build to
> x86/Linux and copy the resulting binary to ./libs/x86 (and yes, you
> can include both in a single APK, and it will deploy whichever one is
> appropriate).

But then this would mean that we wouldn't need android/arm either, since
we could just use linux/arm instead :)

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