[tor-dev] Please vote on times for the Pluggable Transports, Bridges, and BridgeDB Meeting!

isis isis at torproject.org
Mon Apr 6 20:06:54 UTC 2015

Last chance.  http://doodle.com/tn28wgzw8iydpznp

We're currently leaning towards 0200 UTC on Wednesdays.  If this doesn't work
for you, now's your chance to Rock The Vote™ or whatever.

I should mention that Yawning and I are both entirely willing to switch to a
different day; please let either of us know if this would help with scheduling
in any way.

isis transcribed 2.6K bytes:
> Hello!
> Did you have an interest in attending the Pluggable Transports Meeting v1.0?
> Well then, you will certainly be excited to here about the *BRAND NEW*
> Pluggable Transports Meeting v2.0!!!!
> That's 3 meetings for the price of 1!!  Wow!!!
> Please take a moment away from your undeniable shock and ecstatic joy at this
> great news to vote for a new time for this combined meeting:
> http://doodle.com/tn28wgzw8iydpznp
> Thanks!

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