[tor-dev] Raptor

Liste listsmlm at tramacci.org
Wed Apr 1 13:15:47 UTC 2015

Some people say to track tor users there is a tool named raptor.
It uses the packet data recognition to track via AS the data streams
between tor hosts.

Can be a good idea to split, merge, change the packet order, the data
streams etc... to obfuscate the traffic with an algotithm to create
false data recostruction?


Alice --->node-> node -> node --> Bob1 ----> False/EndOfStream
 ^         ^v     ^v       ^v       ^v           |
 \------- node <- node <- node <-- node ---------/

If a complex network is created and some random data and connection are
added to negotiate the data
obfuscation, is very difficult to track a single data stream or packet.

When the data arrival, send some data (same payload size)to a random
loop circuit.

What do you think?

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