[tor-dev] obfs4 test bundles

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Fri Sep 26 19:12:10 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded a new set of obfs4 test bundles to:

Changes since the last version:
 * obfs4proxy
   * Updated to 0.0.2 (Most of the changes are related to packaging and
     a minor bridge side quality of life feature, no real functional
     changes since the last version from a client perspective.)

 * Bundling
   * Rebased my integration branch on Tor Browser 4.0-alpha-3.
   * I backed out the goptlib SOCKS5 code since I changed the patch a
     bunch.  IPv6 obfs2/3/4 bridges will probably not work because of
     this, but that is a know issue, and the patch is sitting in a
     branch awaiting review and a better opportunity for systematic

To be perfectly honest not much has changed to the point where it
really warrants another release, but apparently people are still using
my old snapshots, so here's a new set for those people that folds in
all the changes that went into the Tor Browser side of things.

As far as the roadmap for full fledged deployment goes, it's at the
"get enough bridges" point, with the step after that being "getting the
Tor Browser folks to merge my branch".

I have verified that the linux64 and windows (thanks to a friend)
bundles appear to be functional. If you wish to follow obfs4
deployment the bug associated with this task is #12130.

Questions, comments, feedback welcome.

Yawning Angel
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