[tor-dev] Gitian Build Issue - Tor Browser

SiNA Rabbani sina at redteam.net
Wed Sep 17 19:03:01 UTC 2014

Dear Team,

I need some help getting gitian-build to work for the Tor Browser. Can
anyone help with this error please?

  adding: Docs/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Docs/ChangeLog.txt (deflated 68%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/Firefox.txt (deflated 68%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/HTTPS-Everywhere.txt (deflated 49%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/NoScript.txt (deflated 62%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/PluggableTransports/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/PluggableTransports/LICENSE (deflated 73%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/PluggableTransports/LICENSE.CC0 (deflated 60%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/PluggableTransports/LICENSE.GO (deflated 47%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/PluggableTransports/LICENSE.PYTHON (deflated 78%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/Tor-Launcher.txt (deflated 48%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/Tor.txt (deflated 75%)
  adding: Docs/Licenses/Torbutton.txt (deflated 46%)
  adding: Data/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Browser/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Browser/profile.default/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Browser/profile.default/bookmarks.html (deflated 70%)
  adding: Data/Browser/profile.default/preferences/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Browser/profile.default/preferences/extension-overrides.js
(deflated 68%)
  adding: Data/Browser/profiles.ini (deflated 21%)
  adding: Data/Tor/ (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Tor/torrc (stored 0%)
  adding: Data/Tor/torrc-defaults (deflated 29%)

****** SKIPPING already built Utilities Component of Windows Bundle (1/5
for Windows) ******

****** Starting Tor Component of Windows Bundle (2/5 for Windows) ******

--- Building tor-windows for precise i386 ---
Stopping target if it is up
Making a new image copy
Formatting 'target-precise-i386.qcow2', fmt=qcow2 size=11811160064
backing_file='base-precise-i386.qcow2' encryption=off cluster_size=65536
Starting target
Checking if target is up.
Preparing build environment
Updating apt-get repository (log in var/install.log)
Installing additional packages (log in var/install.log)
Grabbing package manifest
Creating build script (var/build-script)
Running build script (log in var/build.log)
./bin/gbuild:21:in `system!': failed to run on-target setarch i386 bash -x
< var/build-script > var/build.log 2>&1 (RuntimeError)
from ./bin/gbuild:122:in `build_one_configuration'
from ./bin/gbuild:224
from ./bin/gbuild:219:in `each'
from ./bin/gbuild:219
from ./bin/gbuild:217:in `each'
from ./bin/gbuild:217

All the best,
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