[tor-dev] oonibackend 1.1.0 released

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Tue Sep 2 11:05:25 UTC 2014

Hello Oonitarians,

I am pleased to announce that a new version of oonibackend has now been

Here are some of the changes introduced in the new version:

* Make changes to the bouncer API to make it aware of the policy
  of collectors.

* Improve the bouncer API to make it more RESTful.

* Add test helper that can be used to discover the DNS resolver being
  used by the probe.

* Code coverage and unittesting improvements.

* Fix compatibility with latest txtorcon versions.

Starting from this version we will also be uploading the package to
pypi, hence you will be able to install oonibackend with:

    pip install oonibackend


Have fun,

~ Art.

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