[tor-dev] DNSSEC

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Tue Sep 2 02:04:15 UTC 2014

merc1984 at f-m.fm:
> On Mon, Sep 1, 2014, at 11:54, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> > The exit nodes do the DNS requests. The client doesn't see an IP address.
> > It connects to the Tor SOCKS interface and says, "connect me to hostname
> > example.com on port N". It doesn't look up the IP address of
> > "example.com"
> > and *then* connect to it. Hidden services don't have IP addresses and
> > DNS resolution isn't involved in routing connections to them.
> So when I request to connect to example.com, that request goes all the
> way to the exit node, which then is supposed to do the DNS lookup? 
> Again, this is impossible, as .onion domains would be bypassed. 

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