[tor-dev] TOR Interference??!??!?

Liste listsmlm at tramacci.org
Thu Oct 30 12:40:14 UTC 2014

Sometime, of many computers, of many hidden service, the TOR's
connection are interrupted, very slow, and can't connect to hidden
serivce or Internet site.
When i change the TOR identity all works better.
Sometime into the log file i can see a message like this:
* Hidden service descriptor corrupted.
* Invalid hidden service descriptor.

Are some hidden services under attack?
I try to create some hidden service to test... After 2 or 3 days the
hidden service become unavailable. But if i change the TOR identity of
hidden service (server), the hidden service become available.


One time, in 1-2 July, i was see the corruption of SSL connection over
TOR network (all connection).

What's going on? What's wrong?

Test system:
* Debian 7
* TAILS 1.1
* Parrot OS
* Windows 7
* Debian 7 (Another as server)

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