[tor-dev] GetTor development status

ilv ilv at riseup.net
Thu Oct 30 01:47:36 UTC 2014

Hi people.

We've been working very hard to get GetTor deployed as soon as possible. 
Meanwhile, I'd like to tell you what we've been up to.

1) Changed from logging quite a bit of stuff, to not logging at all. 
GetTor actually creates log files, but they remain empty. We'll see what 
we need to log on the way.

2) Changed from keeping stats about the requests (os, locale, etc) to 
just keep a counter to know how many requests we've received so far. The 
only exception is with some info necessary to avoid flood, namely: the 
hashed user, number of requests for that user and the last time that 
user made a request. All of this is stored in a SQLite database.

3) For now we'll only send Dropbox links. We now use long urls with the 
?dl=1 prefix to automatically download the file, instead of the old 
short urls used (during the revamp). You can see an example of what urls 
should be sent on [1]. We hope to implement other providers in the 
future. We'll need an official Dropbox account for this, this is one of 
the things we're waiting to deploy.

4) You can check a template of the message that should be sent when 
sending the links on [2], under the "links_msg" msgid. The interpolated 
info is: operating system,  locale, the links (see [1] for links 
format). We're working on making this as usable as possible, so any 
thought on this is very welcome!

5) I still have pending an script to synchronize with the latest version 
of TBB on dist.tp.o and upload that to Dropbox. Help here is very 
welcome too.

I think that is for now. Any comment/feedback is welcome. If you have 
any crazy ideas about new ways to distribute the TBB with GetTor, please 
tell us. I have created two files in the Github repo: providers [3] and 
distribution_methods [4]. Make a pull request if you're feeling inspired 

[1] https://github.com/ileiva/gettor/blob/master/providers/dropbox.links
[3] https://github.com/ileiva/gettor/blob/master/providers.txt

happy hacking,

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