[tor-dev] A fun graph you can make at home

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Wed Oct 29 21:38:16 UTC 2014

This is a graph of the number of simultaneous relay users for every
country, one country per row. It's roughly 30 cm wide and 3 m tall.


It's basically the same as
but for every country at once. I thought it might help reveal
differences and similarities.

It's made with the attached R script. Run it like so:

Rscript relays-all.R

You can see a few interesting features. Most conspicuous is the Sefnit
botnet in late 2013 that affected almost every country. Also look at
Russia (ru) around June 2014 and Iran (ir) in August, to pick out some
recent censorship-related examples.

To generate individual pages for printing and taping together, I used
the pdfposter program:

pdfposter -v -p 999x1letter relays-all.pdf relays-all-paginated.pdf

David Fifield
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x <- read.csv("clients.csv")
x$date <- as.Date(x$date)
# Remove outlier point at 2011-03-06.
x <- x[x$date >= as.Date("2011-09-01"), ]
p <- ggplot(x[x$node=="relay", ], aes(date, clients, group=1))
p <- p + geom_line() + facet_grid(country ~ ., scales="free_y")
ggsave("relays-all.pdf", p, width=11, height=120, limitsize=FALSE)

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