[tor-dev] Vidalia Relay Bundle(win) Tor version, obfs4proxy package in deb.tp.o

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Sun Oct 26 15:16:46 UTC 2014

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1. I have noticed that the Vidalia Relay Bundles for Windows available
to download on torproject.org are using Tor, while we are on as stable branch. I know is still on the recommended
list in the consensus, but since someone is downloading the bundles
fresh from the Tor home page, I think it is expected to include the
latest stable Tor version.

2. Configured some obfs4 bridges using obfs4proxy. They work very
good, however it's a little bit complicated since package obfs4proxy
exists in Debian sid, but not in deb.torproject.org, so you have to
add sid repo to sources.list, install obfs4proxy and then make sure
you edit apt preferences or comment the sid repo from the list in
order not to upgrade you entire Debian system with packages from
unstable/testing branch. Received couple of emails from users wanted
to deploy obfs4 bridges and were confused.

Is it possible to include obfs4proxy in deb.torproject.org for Debian,
and while at it also make a rpm package for RHEL/CentOS? obfsproxy
(python based pluggable transport) was easy to install in RHEL/CentOS
using EPEL repo and `pip` but obfs4proxy should come as a rpm from

3. Last thing, the page https://bridges.torproject.org/ does not
contain obfs4 in the drop-down list where the user needs to select the
pluggable transport. It only allows requests for obfs2, obfs3,
scramblesuit and fteproxy bridges. Don't know about fteproxy, but
shouldn't obfs2 be deprecated or is it still working/used?

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