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>  * Some people want to use paid versions of Visual Studio, and have
> paid for a version earlier than VS2013, and don't want to pay for a
> newer one.  I sympathize with this: I've been on paid upgrade
> treadmills myself, and it's always tempting to save money by skipping
> steps in the upgrade treadmill.  I've even paid for commercial
> compilers in my misspent youth.

Are there no-cost, non-license-restricted compilers available for Windows that support C99?

This could be a way out for those who don't wish to pay for the VS 2013 upgrade.

But it's a bit more of a barrier than using an existing compiler on the system.

>  * Some compilers for weird old hardware have never been upgraded to
> even rudimentary C99 support, and trying to build code with those
> weird old compilers is a good way to expose some bugs. I sympathize
> with this too: there was one guy who would always compile new versions
> of Tor on his old Irix boxes, and he always turned up a new warning or
> two when he did.

Static analysers, better compiler warnings, and runtime checks are starting to fill the role previous occupied by obscure systems. And mobile/embedded platforms help with this too :-)

I think we may be able to compensate for lack of C89 support for old compilers, by using a combination of coverity, clang --analyze, gcc/clang -ftrapv , and clang -fsanitize=undefined-trap -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error.

Oh, and unit tests :-)

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